Application for Finance

(For Joint, Partnership or Corporate Applications, a form should be completed for each Applicant)

Please provide basic details of any relevant professional experience.

Asset & Liability Statement

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Please provide any further information that you feel may be necessary to assist your application.

Loan Details

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By completing this Application form, I hereby confirm that I would like to arrange a loan to assist with the finance of a business.

Furthermore, I give my consent for The Crowley Partnership Ltd to contact providers of such finance on my behalf and to provide those organisations with the information they may require to make their assessment, which may include both a personal and business related credit search.

I understand that The Crowley Partnership Ltd is a credit broker and not a lender.

Declaration & Fees

I understand and accept that where The Crowley Partnership Ltd have introduced me to a bank to provide Finance, they will be entitled to receive a fee of at least 1% of the loan, which will usually be paid to them directly by the lending institution.

In the exceptional circumstance where the bank providing the finance does not agree to pay a fee of equivalent to at least 1% of the loan, I will cover the cost of this myself.